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I have always been an avid online shopper (sorry Trent, UPS, and my closet rod) and have a love for unique clothing.  I’d been thinking and talking about owning an online boutique for years…. Seriously I can remember numerous conversations with my husband, mom, and friends.

Flash forward to Maddox being born and lots of late nights in the rocking chair and so many google searches on opening an online boutique.  When one night I stumbled upon Cypress Boutique for sale.  I’m a firm believer in what’s meant to be, will be.  I am extremely grateful to Sydney for curating such a great store and am excited to relaunch Cypress Boutique. 

My mom has always been my biggest cheerleader and encouraged me to purchase the boutique. If you know me, you know that I have to talk things through over and over and over.  After at least 50 conversations my mom she said you know what I’ll partner with you.  So, we jumped in! We want to curate a boutique that features affordable, trendy, and high-quality pieces for EVERY size and shape. 

We are open! But, we will have a grand opening on May 7th at 7:00 PM with many new arrivals (seriously many, I went crazy ordering) including the addition of curvy! 

So, in the meantime check out our website and use code Cypress25 to take 25% off any in-stock inventory on the site! 


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