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I love everything about online shopping. It’s convenient, easy, can be done without pants, and you don’t have to spend an entire day searching and sifting just to head home with a feeling of defeat.

Shopping almost exclusively from online boutiques for the last several years presented a lot of realizations – the affordable boutiques were carrying the same stock of boring pieces that completely missed the fashionable mark and the high-end, fashion forward boutiques were (and still are) way out of my price range. I am not the girl that saves up paychecks for a single item that will soon enough go out of style (or if you’re anything like me you’ll completely ruin it eating or doing something stupid).

That was when it hit me – why couldn’t I start my own online boutique featuring affordable, fashion forward, and non-intimidating items?

I could, so I did.

I strive to curate a collection that is affordable but maintains a great quality by offering pieces that are fashion forward and on trend without intimidating shoppers. Because let’s be real, how many of us are going to replicate a runway outfit we saw during fashion week or a new trend posted on a popular fashion site that some gorgeous supermodel started? Not me.

What’s trending is not always going to translate well into everyday looks and new trends are not going to look good on everyone. In New York City or Los Angeles you can not only get away with the newest trends but they are accepted and appreciated, however, in a small beach town or a little city on the outskirts it may look out of place. What we offer is clothing for everyone, clothing that will get you noticed and complimented while offering a fashion forward wardrobe that can be worn without needing a special occasion or vacation.

We are all built differently and what looks good on one body type may not look good on a different body type. We are not all built like supermodels so why would we sell you clothes that were only made for a supermodel body.

The model for Cypress Boutique has mostly been the storeowner, with some dear friends that have offered to help. We are everyday, beautiful people and we want to offer clothes for everyday, beautiful people



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